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Friends Like Ginkgo Wine

Updated: May 25, 2022

Winemakers want to make a wine that people like and the best way to know is for them to tell you. Judges at competitions give a thorough review, but a spontaneous unsolicited review from someone that isn’t an “expert” is even better. I sent an assorted case of wine to my Kansas hometown for my class reunion. A couple from my class had made previous vacation plans and couldn’t make it to the reunion, so we gave them 2 or 3 bottles to try while on their trip. They in turn gave one of the bottles to an Illinois friend with whom they spent their vacation. A year and a half later they got this review of our wine:

“Had a pleasant surprise last night opening the bottle of wine you sent home with Marla and I last August. This wine was from your friend’s Washington winery. I had cellared it with other wine and lost track of it all winter. It was a perfect complement to Marla’s beef roast and side dishes.

WOW! This is an excellent Cabernet Sauvignon. Typical black currant, pepper, and cassis flavor. A long elegant finish with gentle tannins!!. The aroma is initially masked by a high alcohol content (14.9). I enjoyed the wine as it is not overly soaked / perfumed. Anxiously awaiting leftovers tonight to savor the remaining Ginkgo Cab Sauv Est Grown 2016.

Wish I had more of these in my cellar.”


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