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Ginkgo Forest Winery Vineyard grapes in veriason (ripening stage) in spring



Making wine is both an artistic and scientific endeavor.  Mike’s background as a botanist, biologist, and scientist, coupled with his natural curiosity, has resulted in more than 50 different wines – six Bordeaux wines, Rhone wines, two Italian wines, Pinot Noir and a few whites. In addition, he has made several port-style wines and dessert wines. He is currently bottling our first vintage organic wines. Mike strives to make wines that taste good to him.  Fortunately, they also taste good to customers and wine judges as evidenced by more and more wines awarded gold medals.  While most wine-makers find a few wines to focus on, Mike thrives on being able to constantly experiment and make new kinds of wines.

Harvest at Ginkgo Forest Winery showing juicing process
Ginkgo Forest Winery barrel room filled with dozens of oak barrels


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