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All Ginkgo Forest Winery Products are made from estate grown grapes in the Wahluke Slope AVA of Washington State, near the small city of Mattawa. Owner, grower, winemaker, Mike Thiede has a science background and a passion for growing apples, cherries, and grapes. Several years ago he also became a winemaker. With a solid background in plant science and biology he has employed these skills as winemaker entrepreneur. 

Mike's first vintage was 2005. The next year his 2006 Pinot Noir won Best of Show in that year's contest at Ray's Boathouse in Seattle. Are you asking, "Whoa, Pinot in a hot climate like that?' You wouldn't be the first. One of the great things about Wahluke is that it is a desert climate with an interesting night time cooling. The Columbia River runs directly below the slope, and other weather conditions exist that give the evenings a significant break from the heat of day, thus keeping acids up, while thriving on the growing degrees of daytime.

This is a benefit that shows up in all of our wines. We get ripeness with balance. Full fruit flavors with enough natural acid content to keep them bright. The Wahluke also produces a very robust Merlot and a very clean Viognier! 

Mike is also adventurous. He likes making 'small' batches of lots of different things. So, many choices and limited production creates a spectrum of wines. In addition to this broad line of interesting, high quality wines, a distillery has been added to the mix. It takes wines that are surplus for a variety of reasons and converts them to Brandy which is then used to fortify dessert and port style wines.

We hope you will enjoy these wines. They are made to appeal to everyone and be affordable by anyone. Thanks for visiting this site, buying our wines, (at one of our tasting rooms, or elsewhere), and we hope that you like it so much you order again!

Ginkgo Forest Winery

Our Wines